American Band College

Once I register for ABC how do I change information, courses, lodging, etc.?

Use only one account for all 3 years of your ABC program. Using more than one account will make you appear as multiple students in our system.
Sign in at the ABC registration page

Making Changes
If you return to make a change, do not remove items you wish to keep (you will never be double charged for items). Example: You return to make a change to your personal information, and notice that the hotel you chose earlier is still selected. Do NOT de-select that hotel choice if you intend to keep it.

Registration for Courses
Registration for courses must be handled through the Central Washinton University website when course selections are available.
Course Information by Student Year

1st Year Students
2nd Year Students
3rd Year Students

Financial Aid and Required Payments
If you are receiving financial aid through Central Washington University, do NOT enter this as the method of payment for ABC registration. You obtain those dollars directly through the University (not ABC). You need to pay only the $750 down payment and the lodging package, if applicable to ABC. You do this by check, P.O. or credit card. All other payments are made directly to Central Washington University.