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The ABC $500 down payment is non-refundable.
* Priority Deadline for Admission at Central Washington University: April 1, 2022
* Absolute Deadline for Admission: May 1, 2022
* Deadline for Registration at ABC: May 15, 2022
* Deadline for Payment in full: CWU June 23, 2021 • ABC June 10, 2022

We will add lodging selections soon. Please check back later.

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Contact Paul Kassulke to borrow a large instrument (if still available)

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ABC Graduating Class Gift

(Use of these funds determined by class)
Graduating Class (Class Gift) Donation$10.00
Graduating Class (Class Gift) Donation$25.00
Graduating Class (Class Gift) Donation$30.00
Graduating Class (Class Gift) Donation$40.00
Graduating Class (Class Gift) Donation$50.00

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Lodging & Roommate Selection * ABC offers both single rooms (king bed) and double occupancy rooms (double beds).
* If a lodging checkbox is grayed out, that hotel room type is sold out.

* Hotel room preference is protected only after your down payment is made.
* ROOMMATES: Both must make down payment so we can pair you up.

* The lodging package is from June 18 through July 5 and includes a continental breakfast every morning at your selected hotel.

 Lodging Click hotel name for detailsPrice
I will make my own lodging arrangements $0
Lodging Desired (motels full; we will try to find space)  
My Spouse will be staying with me in motel Around $78 per night - Choose double above for correct room price
Spouse Name Enter your spouse's name if staying with you in motel

Roomate Selection (optional and only if you've selected a motel above)

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Details of ABC Registration

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