American Band College

What classes should I register for as a 2nd year student?

Online CWU registration is now open. Register for courses by May 15..

Register for classes with the 5-digit codes via your MyCWU account. Don't search for classes by name or MUS number.

Be careful when you register for classes - choose the correct number of credits listed below for each course. You should have a total of 15 credits.

CWU Course
(Summer 20)
CWU 5-digit code Title Quarter Credits
MUS 541.A02 60930 Adv Conducting (ABC App Cond) 3
MUS 566.A01 60931 Wind Ensemble (ABC Grad Ens) 2
MUS 611.A01 60932 Seminar: Mus Ed (ABC major project) 3
MUS 612.A02 60933 Seminar: Lit (ABC Sem Lit) 3
MUS 615.A01 60935 Seminar: Cond (ABC App Cond) 1
MUS 616.A01 60868 Seminar: Ped (ABC App Analysis/Ped) 3
NOTE: This course is variable credit, please register for 3