Can I take a deviation or incomplete on my project(s)?

You are not allowed to take deviations or incompletes on Practical Application or Research Projects. Under the new National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) directives at Sam Houston State University, the American Band College will no longer give an incomplete grade to projects not received by the deadline. No deviations of any kind will be allowed for this reason.

  1. Submission deadlines are absolute. ABC is required to submit to Sam Houston State University A-F grades by deadlines 10 days after specific deadlines assigned to each course (See the ABC catalog-handbook, page 14).
  2. Any course requiring submission of a project that arrives after the deadline automatically receives a grade of F.
  3. Courses with F grades must be signed up for and retaken the following year. In addition, SHSU terminates the candidate from the Graduate School. Reinstatement can only be done through the Department of Music (Scott Plugge) with approval from various deans at SHSU as well as through the Graduate faculty of the American Band College.
  4. Candidates with non-passing grades in any ABC project automatically add a year to their program in order to complete required prerequisites.
  5. Grades of F will be replaced when the course has been completed, but a trail of the failing grade remains in the candidate's academic file.

If for ANY reason, you find it impossible to complete both projects by the deadline, do not sign up to attend ABC that year.

Projects of inferior quality will be rejected by the graduate faculty and/or receive grades below that which is required for graduation. Grades on any project must be a C or above to be counted toward degree completion. Candidates who receive more than one C during their ABC years are put on probation by SHSU. A third C terminates that candidate from the Master of Arts degree program at Sam Houston State University.

Candidates whose GPA drops below 3.0 are automatically placed on probation at SHSU. A second term with a composite GPA below 3.0 results in termination from the Graduate School.

Other important dates: 3-Year Checklist

CLICK HERE for details on the Retake procedures (PDF).


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