American Band College

Do I need to bring any instruments besides my primary instrument?

Masters candidates are encouraged to bring instruments that will help them develop weak areas. We recommend that, if possible, all non-double reed players bring an oboe and bassoon. Brass players might want to bring a clarinet and flute and woodwind players could bring a trumpet, horn or trombone. Percussionists should bring some of each woodwind and brass on which they are weak. All non-percussionists should bring a basic stick/mallet bag and a practice pad, if background on that instrument is non-existent.

We also realize that airline restrictions on baggage have made the bringing of instruments much more difficult than in the past. It is encouraged that candidates be willing to share instruments with those who need them for studying purposes. Those candidates traveling by car are encouraged to bring along whatever instruments they may need or feel that they could bring to help others.