Whom do I contact if I am interested in financial aid?

Most financial aid is given as loans via Sam Houston State University, not the American Band College.

  1. Complete an Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online form.
  2. Apply for 2017-2018 FAFSA for ABC 2018. (Do not use the 2018-2019 form.)
  3. Apply for a P.I.N. to complete your FAFSA.
  4. Set up E-mail account with SHSU and check it regularly. This is how financial aid will contact the you if there is a problem.
  5. Need to work through the Graduate Studies online orientation. In particular, you need to get your Bearkat OneCard set up and activated. There are instructions for how distance learning students should process. This is important because it dictates how your residual funds (financial aid refunds) will be disbursed to you.

Download these instructions (PDF) to help apply for financial

The ABC attendee must be a full-time masters candidate who has been fully admitted, by May 1, to the Sam Houston State University Graduate School in order to qualify for financial aid. Start the paperwork and online forms (above) with Sam Houston State University as soon as possible.

When qualified, the loan dollars will be deposited into your Sam Houston State University online account. Any extra money will be electronically transferred to your personal bank account if you set up this feature.

Important Financial Aid Dates:

  1. April 1 - Priority deadline (preferred) for financial aid.
  2. Before May 1 - All RETURNING, previously admitted candidates must have completed all financial aid with FAFSA and SHSU.
  3. Before May 1 - All NEW ABC attendees must have mailed (or emailed) all transcripts, forms and fees to SHSU.
  4. May 30 - Tuition at SHSU must be paid in full. Make sure you have applied for a BearKat OneCard and all financial aid is in place. If you are accepting financial aid, your SHSU tuition will be paid by your financial aid package.
  5. June 9 - Any extra money will be electronically transferred to your BearKat OneCard or a check will be sent to your home address. (Set this up at the time your request financial aid.)

Contact at SHSU:

Lydia Hall
Sam Houston State University
Office of Student Financial Aid
Phone: (936) 294-1750
Fax: (936) 294-3668

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