What are the admission requirements for Central Washington University?

1st Year ABC Candidates: Click this link for info about specific ABC requirements.

Admission to the CWU for the Master of Music with specialization in Music Education:

  1. For admission to a Central Washington University master’s program, CWU requires a 3.0 GPA or above on your last 90 quarter credits/60 semester credits of undergraduate coursework
  2. Supplying of all OFFICIAL transcripts of college-level as well as transcripts of graduate work from any institution where work for credit was done, including a transcript showing the date the undergraduate degree was conferred.
  3. Assessment by ABC graduate faculty via major projects and one-on-one advising.
  4. Three (3) letters of recommendation sent to Central Washington University via the admission process.
  5. Program 2-part entrance exam (Music Theory and 30 areas of Band-related Areas of Mastery) required on June 19.
    • Those whose Music Theory score are too low will be required to do a retake of that exam in December of the same year.
    • Those whose scores in Band-related Areas (transposition, literature, fingerings, intonation problems, percussion rudiments, embouchures, etc.) are too low, must take additional stem courses to improve knowledge in the area and will be required to attend an additional summer unless end-of-2nd-year evaluation by ABC graduate faculty indicates sufficient improvement to remove that extra year.

Admission Questions?

  1. Contact the School of Graduate Studies and Research at (509) 963-3101 or
  2. Once the Office of Admissions approves your file it is sent to the School of Music.
NOTE: If you are receiving financial aid, you MUST make sure that all financial aid requirements are done.


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