American Band College

What are the requirements for the Pre-ABC project?

All new candidates to the ABC program and Central Washington University are required to complete the following and upload to the Project Google Form by June 1.

VIDEO (Required)

The candidate is required to submit a video of live performances by the candidate's band according to the guidelines on page 11 in the ABC Handbook-Catalog. Here are some helpful guidelines as you prepare the project:

  1. Video quality must be clear.
  2. Use your name in the computer file names.
  3. PLACE camera in the rear of the band facing the conductor, if possible.
  4. DOES NOT need to be from a concert or festival performance. Can be done in band room.
  5. PLAY 3-5 pieces in 3 contrasting styles, ie. march, chorale type selection, something else such as overture, something with mixed meter, etc. (Prefer 3 pieces if possible, but include 10 minutes of music.)
  6. USE a baton.
  7. DRESS professionally.
  8. PLAY videos before submitting and make sure they work.
  9. EDIT out anything not pertinent to the project.
  10. Add a title screen or title overlay before each piece.
  11. Edit videos so the project has a professional look. This is a master's level course.
  12. Videos should be one of these common video formats (look for extension at the end of the document name):
    • .m4v
    • .mov
    • .mp4

WRITTEN (Required)

You must also include demonstration of proper English writing skills on self-evaluation of the video project. Include the professionally formatted PDF document (500-750 words) uploaded to the Project Google Form. Communicate what you have done and evaluate what you see in your video submission. This is to be written with proper English usage and grammar, not in texting abbreviations.

In addition, the candidate must upload the required mp3 (audio file) to MY ACCOUNT as well as a current personal and baby photo.

Faculty evaluations between June 2 and the start of ABC will determine a conducting level for second year projects. It will also serve to determine special work the candidate must do to improve conducting style and rehearsal technique. A REQUIRED meeting with the faculty member will be arranged beginning June 20 at the ABC facility at Ashland Middle School.

DEADLINE: Materials must be uploaded, via the Project Google Form by midnight, June 1. (If the required materials are late or do not arrive, the candidate will be required to pay a $125 late fee and may not be admitted into the program.)