American Band College

How do I notify ABC about my roommate?

Login to your ABC account and click on the "Lodging" tab. At the bottom of the page click on "Choose Roommate Group" to link up with your roommate. You and your roommate need to sign-up for ABC before you can choose each other as roommates.

If your intended roommate is a spouse, who is not an ABC candidate, you may enter the full spouse name as an option during registration and then pay for that person via the extra charge. Note that a non-ABC spouse pays a little extra to help defray lost revenue from revenue sharing with Central Washington University that keeps candidate's cost lower.

It is VERY IMPORTANT for roommate pairs to sign up within the same 24-hour period. Room slots are not saved for the eventual sign-up of a potential roommate. If rooms at a motel sell out, we will not move those who have signed up to accommodate a late-arrival roommate. If you want to room with someone and the hotel is filled up, you will need to notify your roommate to cancel his/her lodging. You can then choose a hotel with vacancy and select each other as roommates.