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How do I create and upload the recording of my band, my personal photos, and my bio?

If you have recordings of your band that are NOT MP3s, use iTunes to change the recording from AIF or WAVE (file type) to MP3. DO NOT try to save as an AIF, AIFF or WAV. If you would like to "splice" or connect two different tracks together, you can download Audacity (MAC or PC).

Combined the two MP3 tracks and then export your complete MP3 recording as an MP3. Make sure you don't export as WAV or AIFF.

ONLY MP3s should be uploaded for this project.

Length: 5 - 7 minutes. Style: Include varying styles and tempos (by starting at the mid-section of an ABA-structured composition, for example). Composites of sections from 2 pieces is OK. DO NOT record an introduction of your band, the piece you are playing, or the age group of your ensemble anywhere in the track. Eventually, your track will be anonymous and that information will be deleted. Instead, label your track so it can easily identified by our staff member assembling the project:
Save as: “Your Name Age of Band” for example: “Danielle Davey MS Band” or “Danielle Davey HS Band”

If you teach at multiple levels, only submit one age group for this project.

Items to remember:

  • This recording of your band should be high quality. In years past we have heard many recordings where the audience is more audible than the band. If possible, use a professional recording from a contest or festival. Ask yourself if this is the best representation of your band’s playing ability. If yes, then submit the recording.
  • Make sure your recording does not peak or distort anywhere on the track.
  • Do not include a voice introduction anywhere on your track.
  • Bring a copy of the recording with you in case there is a problem uploading on the website.

Upload an mp3 recording of your band. (See UPLOADING FILES below for more info.)


Scan a baby picture of yourself and be sure that the photo is 300 dpi (dots per inch) if smaller than 5" x 7". Size: if possible, should be 8" X 10" at 200 dpi. Save as a jpeg (jpg). After you save the photo, upload it to your account at (See UPLOADING FILES below for more info.)

Scan or take a current picture of yourself. Resolution: 200 dpi or higher. Size: 3'x5' or smaller. Black & white or color. Save as a jpeg (jpeg).


  1. Go to ABC and login to your account
  2. Choose "My Account" from the upper right of the screen.
  3. Make sure that all of your account info is corret.
  4. Click on Bio & Photos link in left column.
    Fill in information and click on "Choose File" buttons to upload current photo and baby photo.

  5. Click on My Candidate Info link in left column.
    Fill in information and click on "Choose File" button to upload recording of your band:

    ABC Candidate Info