American Band College

What is the difference between the ABC lodging package and other hotels in Ashland?

We would recommend that you really think through what it APPEARS you might save by getting a room at a discounted rate elsewhere. All of our hotels have breakfast and include lots of amenities. More importantly, you get the lunch package ON SITE at Ashland High School. It is catered by (no exaggeration) one of the finest caterers in Oregon. Awna's food has been the rave of ABC since we started this service in 2010.

The total cost is $1750 if you are staying at Ashland Hills, or $1585 if you are staying at The Flagship Inn. This includes the motel for 18 nights, plus the included breakfast every day and the catered lunch 13 of those days (+ July 3rd dinner). While you do have a roommate, every room we offer is a 2-bedded double.