American Band College

Can my spouse and family stay with me in the hotel?

Yes, your spouse may stay with you in a double room with each of you paying the lodging fee (extra amount if your spouse is not an ABC candidate due to shared revenue with Central Washington University that helps pay the difference in cost). You may register your spouse in your ABC registration. You must pay the fee for the entire lodging block (June 18 - July 5).

If you need other accommodations for a different number of nights, you must make them separately. We have reserved some rooms at the Ashland Hills Hotel with a king bed. When you add lodging, be sure to choose this option (same charge as 2-bed, queen room) if you want the king room.

***This year due to a conference rescheduling from a COVID-19 cancellation, our friends at Ashland Hills are unable to accommodate us for the full time of our stay. We have been working with the Windsor Inn to put us up for the first 5 nights, then move over to Ashland Hills for the duration. Windsor Inn is directly across the street from Ashland Hills. If you select the Ashland Hills / Windsor Inn option for housing, you will be at Windsor Inn from June 18 to June 22, then move over to Ashland Hills for June 23 to July 6.
We know this isn't optimal, but it is the only way for us to still use the Hills for 2023.  We have already secured the full time for our 2024 ABC.
To make things easier, we will be providing a secured U-Haul truck for people staying at Windsor to put their belongings in when checking out of Windsor before our first clinic on June 23 which will then be taken to Ashland Hills for everyone to get their things and check in after our day is done.  We will also be adjusting our schedule to allow for time in the morning to get ready for the transfer.
If you wish to change your rooming selection to Flagship because of this, we would like you to do so as soon as possible to assure you can get into Flagship.***

Children: It is the family's responsibility to guarantee that children do not disturb other residents in the hotel during study or sleeping hours. Obviously, a child can stay with two parents in one room (both parents paying the lodging fee as stated above). Any additional cost for extra persons in the room must be paid directly to the motel. Please notify ABC if you making this arrangement so that our billing will be properly handled.

Please send us an email if you have any specific questions or needs.

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