American Band College

What does it mean if I do poorly on the entrance exam?

If the percentage on the entrance exam is below 60%, then the candidate is automatically placed on ABC Provisional status with the American Band College. In many cases this will add a fourth summer to the candidate's program. The number of study areas and the performance on written exams and thesis projects can affect this status over the course of the program.

Re-evaluation of ABC Provisional Status is conducted by the ABC faculty at the conclusion of the candidate's second year in the program. If the candidate's composite scores have risen to warrant removal of that status and the number of below 70% study area composites is less than 4, the extra year in the program may be waived.

If the candidate has 5 or more study areas below minimums, then Ultimate Pursuit Provisional status is also put in place. This requires the candidate to take self practice tests in UP during the course of the year (minimum 10 questions per area, per month). If major improvement is not seen (without results 80% or higher) by mid April, the candidate will receive an appropriate Status Report with updated information on course of study.

The ABC faculty will update any required status change in mid April. All important reports (Status Reports, Test Summaries, etc.) can be found in "My Account" at the ABC website.