Where can I get help to fill out the application for admission?

1. Fill out the online application for admission.
2. Here you pay the $45 fee to Sam Houston State University.
3. Send all official transcripts and three letters of recommendation to this SHSU address:

Sam Houston State University
Office of Graduate Studies
Box 2478 SHSU
Huntsville, TX 77341-2478


4. Use the SHSU online request for letters of recomendaiton. You can view this feature in you account with SHSU.

The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is no longer used in connection with admission to the ABC program at Sam Houston State University. The ABC Music Theory entrance exam, administered on June 19, will be used in place of the GRE.

The title of the master's degree is "Master of Arts" or M.A. (Choose "Master of Arts" when using the online admission process at SHSU's web site.)

On the Educational Background section of the application, question three asks to enter any specific area of interest or specialty within your major. Enter “American Band College” for this question?

Note: Starting 2010, all new ABC Candidates no longer need to worry about the GRE or Praxis exam. Admission to Sam Houston State University via the American Band College does not require either of these exams. All new ABC Candidates will take the new theory exam as part of the admission process. More info

As you fill out the application for admission (Apply Texas online form), choose either "I have taken the GRE" or "I plan to take the GRE" since the Master of Arts degree at SHSU doesn't require the GRE for admission. The online form will not let you move forward without one of the choices. You will not take the GRE, but will take our Music Theory exam as part of the admission process.


American Band College