How do I create my own tests with Ultimate Pursuit?

ABC candidates can create their own practice tests with the use of the new "Quick Test Generator."

Login to Ultimate Pursuit and follow steps below to create you own practice tests:

1. Rollover "My Tests & Groups" to see all menu choices. Select "Quick Test Generator."
    OR — Click the button at far left labeled CREATE YOUR OWN TEST √

2. Quick Test Generator Features:

  • Name the Test: Provide a meaningful name for this test
  • Assign to Group: Select "Just Me" to assign the question only to you. (CLICK HERE for more info about test groups - optional.)
  • Maximum Number of Questions: Type in the maximum number of questions for your test.
  • Maximum Number of Questions per Category: Type in the maximum number of questions per category (see available test areas in the next box down).
  • Filter on Parent Category: Click on the pull down to View All Categories (ABC test areas).
  • Categories: Select the category or categories for this test. My example has all woodwind fingering categories selected. You select the areas you want to work on. If you feel comfortable with clarinet fingerings, you don't need to select that area for your test.

3. Other Option Features:

  • Music Theory: Use any of the music theory areas in the View All Categories listing to prepare for the theory entrance exam (Analysis, Aural Skills, Intervals, etc.)
  • Forward Only: If you select this option, you can only move forward in the test. You can not go back and review your answers before you submit your test.
  • Category Navigation : If you select this option, you will see a list of test areas (categories) in the upper right of your test screen. You can click on these different categories to move from test area to test area.
  • Results Mode:
    • "Display Questions" will show you each question and if you are correct or incorrect on each. You can click on the question to get feedback on each question and your answer.
    • "Summary by Category" will only show you the number correct and percentage in each test area. You will not know which question was correct and which was incorrect. You can not see the feedback for each question with this mode.
    • "Both" will give you a combination of both "Display Questions" and "Summary by Category."
  • Grading Mode:
    • "Instant" will show you the result for each question after you answer it (click the next or previous question arrow).
    • "At Finish " will give you the results to your entire test after you click on the "Save and Finish" button (upper left of test screen).

4. Once you have your test set-up the way you want it, click on "Generate Test" at the bottom of the screen. If you are happy with the number of questions created with the Quick Test Generator, click on "Start Test Now." If you want to change any of the information on the test, click on "Save Changes" to alter the test before you start it.

5. Once you click on "Start Test Now," it will show you this "Test Generation Complete" screen. Click on "Click here to return to UP Central" to take your test.

6. You should see your test listed under the "Active Tests" menu. Just click on it and take the test. You can start and finish your test whenever you like. These tests are not timed.


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