American Band College

What classes should I register for as a 1st year student?

You must be fully admitted to CWU before you can register for classes.

Online CWU registration is now open. Register for courses by May 15.

Register for classes with the 5-digit codes via your MyCWU account. Don't search for classes by name or MUS number.

Be careful when you register for classes - choose the correct number of credits listed below for each course. You should have a total of 15 credits.

CWU Course
(Summer 20)
CWU 5-digit code Title Quarter Credits
MUS 541.A02 60930 Adv Conducting (ABC App Cond) 3
MUS 566.A01 60931 Wind Ensemble (ABC Grad Ens) 2
MUS 611.A01 60932 Seminar: Mus Ed (ABC major project) 3
MUS 613.A02 61108 Seminar: Theory (ABC Adv Study) 3
MUS 615.A01 60935 Seminar: Cond (ABC Pre-Recital) 1
MUS 616.A01 60868 Seminar: Ped (ABC App Analysis/Ped) 3

NOTE: This course is variable credit, please register for 3