When and how do I get my grades from ABC or how do I order transcripts from Sam Houston State Univ.?

Your grades will be posted at the Sam Houston State University through your unofficial transcript view within a few days of the August 7 deadline for grades. First year candidates whose Practical Application projects are not due until August 4 and graded by August 15, will see grades (from IP) appear generally towards the end of August.

Go to the SHSU website to check on your grades.

You will receive your final exam results by email in mid July. In mid August, you will receive an email with grades and comments on your research and practical application projects. (These are notifications only, not official transcripts.) Your comments, grades, and test summaries can be found in your "My ABC Reports" area at the ABC website.

For copies of official transcripts, contact Sam Houston State University:

Sam Houston State University
Registrar's Office
P.O. Box 2029
Hunstville, TX 77341

SHSU Transcript Information

Be sure to send your request so that current summer grades will be included. If you request transcripts before August 7, current summer grades may not be included, though SHSU would send you transcripts of courses currently in your file. We recommend waiting until the end of August or until your online, unofficial transcripts show all grades.


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