WIBC Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upload my audition sound files?

  1. Go to the WIBC Honor Band Registration Screen
  2. Enter all of the information in 1. My Account, 2. Personal, and 3. School and proceed to step 4. Audition.
  3. You can upload your audition sound files by either dragging each file to the Audition Files box, or click that box to search your device for the file(s).
    If you elect to search for the file, you will need to select it to upload it. Repeat for each audition file.
  4. After each file is uploaded, it will be added to the View List dropdown (which is located just above the Audition Files box).

Note: Audition files must be one of the following file types: mp3, mp4 or m4a. Additionally, the maximum file size is 30 MB.
If any of your files do not meet that criteria, you should convert it to an mp3 file and try to upload again.


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