WIBC Frequently Asked Questions

How do I help high school students register/audition for WIBC?

  1. Login to WIBC My Students and help students register/audition.
  2. Click on +New Registration.
  3. Create the account with your student's help/info. Very important to use THEIR email address as they will need to manage their own account after you help create it.
  4. Enter all of the info below for the student.
  5. Enter the appropriate info and drag (or select) audition files to the upload area.
  6. Enter the appropriate billing contact info for your school. You can use your director email address if you want to receive all billing emails.
  7. You have two options for payment:
    • Student will pay - Let the student know that they must login to their account and pay the audition fee by credit card before the audition deadline. If you chose this option, more info will be displayed - email to student.
    • Credit Card - Finalize the audition by paying the audition fee by credit card at this time.
  8. Once the audition is finalized, you will see this Director Reviewer screen. Note that $5 has been added to your WIBC Refund. This will continue to grow as students audition from your school.
  9. Additional Bonus: If you register and attend the convention as a director, you will earn an additional $30 refund per WIBC high school participant. (more info)

If you have questions, email Scott McKee