WIBC Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn money for my band program by helping my students with WIBC?

Earn $5 - Each Honor Band Audition
  1. As a band director, request access or proceed to WIBC My Students.
  2. Help students register directly from this screen.
  3. Review updated student audition information during registration process.
  4. Enter your school band or booster club information so we can write a refund check.
  5. Earn $5 for each student audition from your school.

    • Benefits your booster account or school band fund.
    • No limit to the number of students!

    Audition details at Honor Band Audition.

Earn $30 - Each Honor Band Participant
  1. As a band director, login to your account and Register for WIBC as an attendee.
  2. Help your honor band students:
    • Notify and commend students after they are accepted.
    • Complete their WIBC registration so they may attend the convention
    • Hand out WIBC honor band music.
  3. Register as a director and attend the convention in Seattle.
  4. If you haven't entered your band or booster club information, enter it here so we can write a refund check.
  5. Receive a check made out to your school band fund or booster when you arrive.
  6. Enjoy the convention and leave all of the chaperone duties up to WIBC staff.
  • $30 earning is only available for Honor Band accepted students who attend.
  • Final earnings will be paid by check to your choice of band booster or school band fund after WIBC starts.
  • Please note these earning programs are only valid for WIBC Honor Band students and their director (not valid for WIBC U).