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TitleGradeComposerArrangerPublisherTop 100 Year
Above the Line 3+Newton C.L. Barnhouse Co.2020
American Curtain Time! 3Booker, Charles Print Music Source2020
American Dance Episode 4Morales, Erik The FJH Music Company Inc.2020
Ascensions 2+Romeyn, Rob C.L. Barnhouse Co.2020
Ash Grove, The 5Giroux, Julie Musica Propria2020
Attack of the Colossus 1McBride, J C.L. Barnhouse Co.2020
Baile De Tarde Feliz 3Lovell, Walt Gary P. Gilroy Publications2020
Bandology 3Osterling, Eric Carl Fischer, Inc.2020
Battle of the Winds 4DubleGlover, AndrewC.L. Barnhouse Co.2020
Beyond the Shores of Avalon 2+Bell, J C.L. Barnhouse Co.2020
Bite the Bullet 5Machain, Jorge Hal Leonard Publishing Corp.2020
Blinding Light 3Sciaino, Peter Excelcia Music Publishing2020
Blue Devil Dancing 3Harbinson, William Carl Fischer, Inc.2020
Blues for Grandpa Joe 5Johnson, Christopher W CWJ Music House Publications2020
Boreas 5Fukushima, Hirokazu Brain Co. Ltd./ Bravo2020
By the River’s Edge 2+Sheldon, Robert Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.2020
Carol for Coventry 1+Smith, Robert W C.L. Barnhouse Co.2020
Cascabeles 3Lortz, Mark Carl Fischer, Inc.2020
Christmas Dream, A 1Romeyn, Rob C.L. Barnhouse Co.2020
Classical Delights 2+ Onodera, MakotoBrain Co. Ltd./ Bravo2020
Cottage on the Lake, The 2Swearingen, James C.L. Barnhouse Co.2020
Cycle, The 3+Sciaino, Peter Excelcia Music Publishing2020
Dances of a Shimmering Spirit 3+Sheldon, Robert Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.2020
Defenders of the Realm 1+Bell, Jeremy Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.2020
Desert Dances 3Sparke, Philip De Haske Music Publishers Ltd.2020
Destino Re-Immaginare 5Bocook, Jay Hal Leonard Publishing Corp.2020
Dragon Dance 2Huckeby C.L. Barnhouse Co.2020
Dragonrider 4Parsons C.L. Barnhouse Co.2020
Earthdawn 2+Standridge, Randall Randall Standridge Music2020
Escape from Thunder Mountain 1+Watson, Scott Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.2020
Escape Velocity 3+Connor C.L. Barnhouse Co.2020
Every Night When the Sun Goes In 2Bobrowitz, David Gary P. Gilroy Publications2020
Excelsior Fanfare 1+Shanley C.L. Barnhouse Co.2020
Fanfare and Jubilation 1Boo, Michael Carl Fischer, Inc.2020
Fanfare Fantastique 1-Smith, Robert W C.L. Barnhouse Co.2020
Fantasia on ‘O Holy Night’ 2McBride, J C.L. Barnhouse Co.2020
Finding My Way 2Jarvis C.L. Barnhouse Co.2020
Firecracker 2+Sciaino C.L. Barnhouse Co.2020
Flight of the Eagle 2Lortz, Mark Carl Fischer, Inc.2020
Flying High 3+Clark, Larry Excelcia Music Publishing2020
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The 4Standridge, Randall Randall Standridge Music2020
Frenetico 4Eidson, Joseph Manhattan Beach Music2020
Gaelic Dance and Ayre 3Strommen, Carl Carl Fischer, Inc.2020
Gestures - I A Smile and a Firm Handshake 4Standridge, Randall D Grand Mesa Music Publishers2020
Gestures - II An Invitation to Dance and a Poke in the Ribs 4Standridge, Randall D Grand Mesa Music Publishers2020
Gestures - III An Embrace A Sigh 4Standridge, Randall D Grand Mesa Music Publishers2020
Gestures - IV A Wave Goodbye_ Teaching Towards the Horizon 4Standridge, Randall D Grand Mesa Music Publishers2020
Glorious Insurrection 4Sheldon, Robert Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.2020
Glorious Light 5Giroux, Julie Musica Propria2020
Graces of Love, The 4Waespi, Oliver De Haske Music Publishers Ltd.2020
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