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The premier issue of Bandworld Magazine appeared in August of 1985 as a free publication sent to nearly 25,000 band directors throughout the United States. Shortly thereafter, two versions of each issue were printed, a free issue with limited page content and “The Fat Edition” for subscribers. It contained complete band arrangements in printable form, student sections, special in-depth articles and other valuable information.

In October of 2004, Bandworld Magazine became Bandworld Online. It still contains full band arrangements plus extensive audio and video distributed throughout nearly 100 pages per issue . The online format makes it possible for you to instantly use video and audio segments as well as the printed page. One thing that hasn’t changed: Our purpose to help you build better bands.

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This issue of Bandworld looks like the Bandworld of old, but it really serves to show you the connection to the new and improved – Online Edition. Throughout the printed pages look for the special Kaled icon, which always indicates connections to valuable information and tools. All of these items are available to you free. If you decide to subscribe to Bandworld Online, you’ll have access to thousands of sound files, articles and over 20 full band arrangements. Everything we produced starting in 2004 remains forever available: 24-7, 365 days a year.

Table of Contents
Kaled 3 How to Do It by M. Max McKee
Kaled 4 American Band College 2012 • The SHSU master’s program in Ashland, Oregon (Complete information)
Kaled 10 Elements of Intonation by Chris Fogderud
Kaled 13 Self-Inflicted Burnout by Philip C. Wise
Kaled 16 Warm-Ups That Work (Complete information - special online deal)
Kaled 17 If I Were a Band Director by James Logsdon
Kaled 18 Cadenze! (Database office assistant)
Kaled 20 Western International Band Clinic 2012
Kaled 25 Procession et Hymn by Igor Savinov (Linked to an online full band set of score and parts)
Kaled 27 Bandworld Magazine’s Top 100 New Compositions for 2011-2012
Kaled 29 This Could Be the Start of Something Big by Tim Lautzenheiser
Kaled 31 ABC/WIBC DVDs & Bandworld Online Subscription

Cover: Guest trumpet soloist, Allen Vizzutti is joined by the guest conductors of the 33rd annual Western International Band Clinic in Seattle, Washington, November 18 - 21, 2011. Left to right, top row: Robert Ponto (2), Frank Troyka, Mike Bankhead and Linda Moorhouse. Row 2: Brian Hogg, Robert W. Smith, Mike Bankhead, Robert W. Smith. Bottom row: WIBC students in the Australia/USA Pacific Honors Ensemble Program plus the guest conductors, each of whom conducted all 4 WIBC Honor Bands, with the WIBC organizers at Grand Finale Concert time. (Photo by ABC/WIBC photographer, Elizabeth Lonergan.)


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