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Method Books
Recommended Listening

    In addition to the instruction you will receive in band class, many musicians find it beneficial to study their instrument outside of the school day.  Private instruction can go a long way to developing great tone and technique on tuba!  Below is a list of resources that many private teachers use or recommend for their students.  This list was compiled from several sources and teachers.  It includes a variety of Method Books, Solos, and Recommended Listening examples.

Easy - Elementary or Middle School
Arban.  (ed. Prescott).  First and Second Year (G. Fischer).
Beeler.  Method for Tuba (2 vols.) (Warner Brothers).
Bell.  Foundation to Tuba Playing (G. Fischer).
Endresen.  BBb Tuba Method (Cole).
Getchell.  (ed. Hovey).  First Book of Practical Studies (Belwin-Mills).
Hovey.  Elementary Method (3 vols.) (Rubank).
Kuhn.  Method for Tuba (Belwin-Mills).
Rys.  50 Easy Studies (A. Leduc).
Uber.  25 Early Studies (Southern Music).
Intermediate - Middle or High School
Arban.  Arban-Bell Method (Colin).
Bell.  Tuba Warm-Ups (Colin).
Blazhevich.  70 Studies for BBb Tuba (vol. 1) (King).
Bobo.  Mastering the Tuba (3 vols.) (Bim).
Bordogni.  43 Bel Canto Studies (King).
Concone. Legato Studies (C. Fischer).
Endresen. Supplementary Etudes (Rubank).
Fink.  Studies in Legato (C. Fischer).
Geib.  Geib Method for Tuba (C. Fischer).
Hedfa.  Etudes (Boosey & Hawkes).
Hilgers. Daily Exercise (Reift).
Jacobs.  Warm-Up Studies (Encore).
Rochut.  Melodious Etudes (C. Fischer).
Slema.  66 Etudes (International).
Pease.  Bass Method (Book I) (Pro Act).
Advanced - High School or College

Bach.  Bach for Tuba (Book II) (Western International).

Bernard.  40 Etudes pour Tuba (A. Leduc).

Cimera.  73 Advanced Tuba Studies (Belwin-Mills).

Delguidice.  Dix Petits Textes (Eschig).

Gallay.  30 Studies (King).

Grigoriev.  78 Studies for Tuba (King).

Knaub.  Progressive Studies for Tuba (Belwin).

Kopprasch.  60 Selected Studies (King).

Kuehn.  28 Advanced Studies (King).

Lachman.  25 Etudes (Hofmeister).

Ostrander.  Shifting Meter Studies (King).

Rys.  50 Finishing Studies for Tuba (A. Leduc).

Sear.  Etudes for Tuba (Cor).

Uber.  Concert Etudes (Southern Music).

Vaslev.  24 Melodious Etudes (King).

Vandercook.  Studies for Eb or BBb Bass (Rubank).

Bach.  (arr. Bell).  Air and Bouree (Carl Fischer).
Bach.  (arr. Swanson).  Gavotte (CPP/Belwin).
Barat.  (arr. Smith).  Introduction and Dance (Southern Music Company).
Beversdorf.  Sonata for Bass Tuba and Piano (Southern Music Company).
Capuzzi.  (arr. Catelinet).  Andante and Rondo from Concert for Double Bass (Hinrichesen Edition).
Dedrick.  A Touch of Tuba (Kendor Music).
Goltermann.   (arr. Bell).  Concerto No. 4, Opus 65 (Excerpts from) (Carl Fischer).
Haddad.  Suite for Tuba (Shawnee Press).
Handel.  (arr. Bell).  Honor and Arms (CPP/Belwin).
Handel.  (arr. Morris).  Revenge!  Timotheus Cries! (Ludwig).
Handel.  (arr. Morris).  Sonata No. 6 (Shawnee Press).
Hartley.  Sonatina (Fema).
Jager.  Reflections (Neil A. Kjos).
McFarland.  Sketches for Tuba and Piano (Theodore Presser).
Mozart.  (ed. Morris).  O Isis and Osiris from “The Magic Flute” (Brass Press).
Rachmaninoff.  (arr. Allen).  Vocalise (Ludwig).
Vaughan.  Concertpiece No. 1 (Fema).
Vaughan Williams.  (tr. Wagner).  Six Studies in English Folk-Song (Galaxy/ECS/Stainer & Bell).
Vivaldi.  (arr. Morris).  Sonata No. 3 in A Minor (Shawnee Press).
Classical Artists

Oystein Baadsvik

Roger Bobo

Sergio Carolino

Arnold Jacob

Jeffrey Jarvis

Sam Pilafian

Gene Pokorny

Pat Sheridan

Jazz Artists
Billy Barber
Don Butterfield
Ray Draper
Dave Gannett
Rich Matteson
Bob Stewart
Joe Tarto

You sure are playing a lot!  Make sure you take care of your instrument.
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