Taming the Tuba

Introducing:  The Tuba!



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Assembling the Tuba
Holding the Tuba
Hand Position

    Read this page carefully to learn how to assemble and hold your tuba.  This information is important to learn before you play - it will help you make the best possible sound.

Insert your Mouthpiece
Insert the Mouthpiece
    - Put the mouthpiece into the receiver 
    - Give it a soft, downward twist  
    **Never jam the mouthpiece into the instrument, or hit it with your hand
            - that could cause it to get stuck

If the Mouthpiece Gets Stuck
    - Take it to your teacher right away
    - Do not try using extra strength or any tools to get it out  
    **Using tools or pulling with extra strength could badly damage the mouthpiece, 
    receiver, lead pipe, or braces.  
    - Your teacher probably has a special tool that can remove the mouthpiece easily
Proper Posture Checklist
By following these steps, you should feel comfortable and make a great sound!
Sit forward - sit toward the front of the chair.
Sit tall - sit so that your back is straight.
Stay relaxed - even when you sit forward and tall, be comfortable - 
not tense or rigid.

Other Posture Thoughts
Keep your feet flat on the floor.
Do not cross your legs or feet.
Stay engaged - good posture will help you make your best sound!
Posture is Critical!
1) Sit forward   2) Sit tall   3)Stay relaxed
Side View
Front View
Maintain posture and 
 imagine hugging 
    your tuba
Keep posture tall while 
 holding your tuba
 Keep your body relaxed 
when holding your tuba
Holding Your Tuba
It is important to maintain your posture with your tuba in hand.
Keep your back straight and tall.
The tuba should rest between your legs.
Hug the tuba with both arms for support.
Bring the instrument to you - Your leadpipe and 
mouthpiece should line up with your embouchure so 
that you do not have to stretch or lean.

If Your Tuba Is Too Big For Your Lap
    1.    Rest the bottom tubing on a separate, padded chair or stool.
    2.    You can raise the tuba with a pillow or book so that the
            mouthpiece is at a comfortable playing level.
Right Hand
Left Hand
Right Hand
    1) Place your right thumb into the thumb ring
    2) Curve your fingers slightly
    3) Place the pads of your fingers on the valve tips

*If you have three valves - leave your little finger away from the valves.
**If you have four valves - make sure your little finger is on the 4th valve tip.

Left Hand
    1) Hold on to the tuba on the top tubing in the most comfortable position.
    2) This hand should steady the weight of the tuba.

Feeling comfortable holding your tuba?