WIBC Frequently Asked Questions

WIBC My Students

Follow this process to manage your students' accounts, pay fees with credit card, school check or purchase order.

Note: This Director Reviewer Account (WIBC My Students) is different than registering for the WIBC Convention. If you would like to register for WIBC, as a director, CLICK HERE.

1. If you are the band director at your school, CLICK HERE to request Reviewer Status of WIBC student accounts:

2. After you have been approved by WIBC administration (we will notify you by email), you can then login to your My Students account by selecting the "Review Your Student Accounts" via the WIBC Director Area.

3. My Students allows you to review all of your student accounts.

Paying by Credit Card
4a. To pay for part or all of you student's fees, expand the Financial menu (Navigation menu) and click on Pay by Credit Card.

4b. After you have entered amounts to pay for one or more students, click on Review Payment and the Review Payment Details screen will appear.
Enter your credit card billing address and card details and then click on Complete Checkout.

Paying by Purchase Order and/or Check
5. Expand the Financial menu (Navigation menu) and click on Balance Due Items.
In the Sending PO or check? column enter the check or PO for each student item that will be covered. You can also indicate School in the Who is Paying column.

Create a Check/PO Request
6. Expand the Financial menu (Navigation menu) and click on Create Check/PO Request
Check items to Include and/or enter partial amounts to include on the request (see example below). Click on Create Check/PO Request button to review/print the request.

6a. Submit the resulting request to your school office for approval and mail or email a copy to us at the address below.

WIBC, Inc.
6736 Jacob Lane
Springfied, OR 97478

Call: (609) 304-2536
E-Mail: debknisely@bandworld.org

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