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TitleGradeComposerArrangerPublisherTop 100 Year
Allegory 2Kamuf, Michael Belwin Mills/Alfred Publishing2016
Amazonia 2+Taylor, Chad Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.2016
Argosy 1+Smith, Robert W. C.L. Barnhouse Co.2016
At the End of the Rainbow 4Saucedo, Richard MusicWorks - Hal Leonard2016
At the Movies with John Williams 3Williams, JohnWilliams, JustinBelwin Mills/Alfred Publishing2016
Atlas 3Palange, William Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.2016
Awaken the Giant 2+Spineti, Joel Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.2016
Be Still, My Soul 3 Swearingen, JamesC.L. Barnhouse Co.2016
Captive 3+Kiefer,, Ed Carl Fischer, Inc.2016
Celtic Echoes 3Clark, Larry Carl Fischer, Inc.2016
Celtic Farewell 3Sweeney, Michael MusicWorks - Hal Leonard2016
Chorale for Wind Band and Melodic Percussion 3Giroux, Julie Musica Propria2016
Christmas Meditation 3Gilroy, Gary P. Gary P. Gilroy Publications2016
Christmas Tale, A 2+Standridge, Randall D. Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.2016
Concerto No. 1 (for Wind Orchestra) 5Saucedo, Richard Hal Leonard Publishing Corp.2016
Crossing the Bosporus 4Viitasaari, Jukka Grand Mesa Music Publishers2016
Crystalline 1+Clark, Larry Carl Fischer, Inc.2016
Dance of Chivalry 3+Conaway, Matt C.L. Barnhouse Co.2016
Dark Energy 3McBride, Jonathan C.L. Barnhouse Co.2016
Dark Waters, The 3Conaway, Matt C.L. Barnhouse Co.2016
DarkHeart 2+Standridge, Randall D. Grand Mesa Music Publishers2016
Defiance 2Sweet, George Carl Fischer, Inc.2016
Desert Fire 2McBride, Jonathan C.L. Barnhouse Co.2016
Divertimento 3Adams, Dan Ludwig Masters Publishing Co.2016
Dragon Prince, The 3Kirby, Rick MusicWorks - Hal Leonard2016
Dragon Sky 5Giroux, Julie Musica Propria2016
Echoes of San Marco 4+de Meij, Johan Amstel Music2016
Elf Dance 2Connaway, Matt C.L. Barnhouse Co.2016
Evening Song 2Gorham, David Wingert-Jones Music, Inc.2016
Evocation 3Nowlin, Ryan Neil A. Kjos Music Co.2016
Fanfare 3Dawson, Jay Arrangers' Publishing Co.2016
Flaher for Wind Ensemble 5Lee, Ben C. Alan Publications2016
For the President’s Own 5Williams, John Hal Leonard Publishing Corp.2016
Forever Climbing 3+Clark, Larry Carl Fischer, Inc.2016
Front Section 3+Bagley, E.E.Rhea, TimothyRBC Publications2016
Furioso 4+Gilroy, Gary P. Gary P. Gilroy Publications2016
Ghost Run 3+Michel, Grant Carl Fischer, Inc.2016
Golden Jubilee 2+Ng, Simon & Kurokawa, Keiichi Brain Co. Ltd./ Bravo2016
Grace 3-Balmages, Brian The FJH Music Company Inc.2016
Grand Central Station 3+Bobrowitz, David Grand Mesa Music Publishers2016
Hallelujah Chorus 3Handel, George FridericGlover, AndrewC.L. Barnhouse Co.2016
Heroes of the Forest 2Tamura, Shuhei Brain Co. Ltd./ Bravo2016
Home Again 3+Gillingham, david R. C. Alan Publications2016
Hoverboard 3Montoya, Daniel Jr. Montoya Music Publishers2016
Hymn for the Innocent 4Giroux, Julie Musica Propria2016
Imaginarium 3+Standridge, Randall D. Grand Mesa Music Publishers2016
Implacato 2+Conaway, Matt C.L. Barnhouse Co.2016
In Flanders Fields 3Wiffin, Rob Studio Music London2016
In tantum lux 3Stalter, Todd Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.2016
In the Bleak Midwinter Melody Mine 1Holst, GustavSmith, Susan & Smith, Robert W.C.L. Barnhouse Co.2016
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