Issue: Jan-Mar 2006
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by M. Max McKee

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.....William D. Revelli.....Merle Evans.....Alfred Reed.....Al and Gladys Wright.....A.A. Harding.....Clarence Sawhill.....Randall Spicer.....Ida Gotkovsky.....Geoffrey Brand.....Etude Magazine.....The Selmer Bandwagon.....on and on starting in 1950.

From the time I was a very young child, my dad took me to his band rehearsals, pep band in the stands gigs, and even musical production prep. Little did I know that it was just the first "funny thing"of thousands that happened on the way to a band rehearsal.

Looking back to 1950, I realize that in that 55 year period I've luckily crossed paths with some of the most interesting and influential people in our business while learning the trade long before I even knew that I was interested in doing so. Many of those people made an enormous impact on my life and in major ways determined much of what Bandworld Magazine, the American Band College and Western International Band Clinic have become.

Some of those CONNECTIONS now serve as the foundation of our teaching in the ABC masters program and the ongoing re-presentation of important teaching concepts through Bandworld Magazine that otherwise would likely be lost to future generations.

Many of those CONNECTIONS were nothing more than fortuitous happenstance that subconsciously contributed to my later decision to become a band director, a publisher, and a teacher.




Bandworld Circus Issue (Vol. 9#4)