Issue: April - June 2017
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Around the 83rd Annual ABA Convention • Lexington, Kentucky
(left to right) ABA Board of Directors: Dennis Zeisler, Terry Austin, Tom Fraschillo, Tim, Rhea, Gary Smith, and Lowell Graham. The ABA Board of Directors enjoying a light moment during one of the business meetings.
ABA President, Tim Rhea and his wife Jennifer pause for a photo after one of the ABA meetings.
(left to right) Terry Austin and Dennis Zeisler award Col. Arnald Gabriel the ABA Honorary Lifetime President Award.
(left to right) Tom Leslie and Dennis Zeisler award Col. John Bourgeois the ABA Honorary Lifetime President Award Col. John Bourgeois and Col. Arnald Gabriel congratulate each other of their recent ABA Awards.
Past ABA President, Al Wright and his wife Gladys take a pause from the banquet for a photo with Max McKee.
Past ABA President, Paula Crider awards Tim Rhea the Past President Pin as he completes his year of service.
Linda Moorhouse graciously accepts the position of President-Elect of the ABA.
(left to right) Col. John Bourgeois introduces new ABA Member, Lt. Col. Jason Fettig to the organization.
The ABA Family congratulates 100-yr old Past ABA President, Al Wright for his hard work and dedication to the organization.
The U.S. Marine Band performed Peter Meechan's "Song for Hope," conducted by ABA Past President, Terry Austin.

(left to right) Board members, Lowell Graham and Tim Rhea congratulate Gary Smith as he accepts the position of ABA President.
(left to right) Newly elected ABA Member, Steven Bryant and fellow composers, John Mackey visit before an ABA meeting.
ABA Host, Cody Birdwell and his wife, Lois thank their staff for a job well done.

(left to right) Composers, Johan de Meij, Peter Meechan, Ralph Ford and newly elected ABA Member, Robert Buckley take time out for a quick photo.
There were 23 Past Presidents of the ABA in attendance at the 83rd ABA Convention in Lexington, Kentucky.
(left to right) ABA President, Tim Rhea and his wife Jennifer relax before the banquet.
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