Issue: April-June 2016
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It'll Be Grand
Visit Ireland with Your Band (continued)
by Edelle Moss (photos/video - Max & Scott McKee)

Future Festival Dates:
2018: Friday, March 16th – 19th
2019: Friday, March 15th – 18th
2020: Saturday, March 14th – 17th

You can't go wrong with the owner of Atlantic Group Tours, John Cox. Scott and Max McKee both recommend that you contact him by email or phone. Tell him we sent you.
(302) 526-7291

John Cox's 5 Travel Tips:

  1. Contact AGT in ample time; some people commence planning two years ahead of trip.
  2. Research all aspects of trip, including music events and possibilities.
  3. Attend site inspection trip of Ireland with AGT.
  4. Select 2 locations to be used as travel hubs in Ireland.
  5. Use previous band directors’ experience as resource.

Special Band Arrangement

Another way of showing just how much people love the Irish, check out the free, complete setting of the oldest Irish tune "Deirin De" from composer, Johan de Meij. Johan donated a score and complete set of parts for this special Irish issue. Download it today and program it on your next concert. It's superb.

By the way, that tune is part of Johan's "At Kitty O'Shea's" that we commissioned for the 2010 American Band College here in Ashland, Oregon. A 16-minute work, it contains some of the best Irish music you'll hear.

Listen to the Premiere Recording. Thank you, Johan, for adding this "grand" tune.



Free Full Band Arrangement


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