Issue: January-March 2016
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30 Years ago in Bandworld
Warmup Tips: New Vital Info for Wind Players
by Bobby Shew

This is not to be misconstrued as a message to totally eliminate any and all types of standard warmup procedures. It's merely an attempt to help you get it done more effectively, quickly, and especially more knowingly within your control.

When we all unpack the horn, it's usually because we WANT to play music on it. The sooner you can comfortably get into PLAYING MUSIC, the happier you'll be, and perhaps a lot of your drudgery will be gone.

One other brief piece of information here is that this "flutter" can be utilized throughout the day to replenish the blood supply in the lip muscles, done lightly during rests, and also after rehearsals and performances. I've tried to make a habit of fluttering a few minutes driving home from a gig or just before I go to bed to ensure that some of the healing process can occur while I sleep. I even do it on days when I don't play so I won't have to spend so much time worrying about getting back on the horn after several days lay off. Try it...I hope it'll be of some help to you. Let me know.


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