Issue: April-June 2015
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Around the 81st Annual ABA Convention • Reno, Nevada
ABA President, Dennis Zeisler and his wife Carol enjoy the ABA banquet. (left to right) ABA Board of Directors: Tim Rhea, Dennis Zeisler, Terry Austin, Dave Waybright and Tom Leslie.
(left to right) ABA co-host, Michael Burch-Pesses, Mark Walker and Joe Hermann enjoy a coffee break at the ABA convention.
Newly elected ABA Associates Chair, Dan Bolin relaxes before an ABA meeting.
Bill Moody (right), gratefully accepts his ABA Honorary Life Membership award. ABA President-Elect, Terry Austin (right) and Past ABA President, Col. Arnald Gabriel, enjoy a few moments together.
Past ABA President, Ed Lisk, and his wife, Doris, wait for an ABA meeting to start in Reno.
Col. Arnald Gabriel, Past ABA President, thanks the members of the ABA for his Honorary Life Membership award.
Current ABA President, Dennis Zeisler, congratulates Col. Arnald Gabriel on his new ABA Honorary Life Membership award.
Gerald King and his wife Sandy patiently wait for an ABA meeting to start.
Another happy ABA Past President, Ken Bloomquist, enjoys the convention in Reno.
Composer John Mackey waits to be introduced to the ABA members.

(left to right) Linda Moorhouse, Col. John Bourgeois and Tracy Leslie pose for a picture.
Past ABA Presidents, Robert Foster and Paul Crider delight in the coffee break after an ABA meeting.
ABA Honorary Member, Toshio Akiyama and Max McKee catch up before an ABA event.

ABA co-host, Michael Burch-Pesses grabs a quick cup of coffee as he gets ready to meet with his partner in crime, Mack McGrannahan
Col. Hal Gibson and his wife, Marie, enjoy visiting with other ABA members before a meeting.
(left to right) Composers John O'Reilly and Robert W. Smith discuss the best way to play the claves to warn the ABA members that another meeting is about to start.
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