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Around the 26th American Band College • Ashland, Oregon
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Ray Cramer leads the RO Band through Julie Giroux's Bookmarks from Japan. The Canadian Brass opened the second half of the concert with a little "Penny Lane." Mario Capote gets some private instruction on baton technique from Anthony Maiello.
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Ray Cramer conducts the audience in the singing of "The Star Spangled Banner."
Matt Savage leads all masters candidates in a percussion circle under the Oregon sun! Lance LaDuke entertained the candidates with his premier of "Independence Day"
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Colonel Mike Bankhead conducts the band's dress rehearsal for the July 4 spectacular.
Things must be going well if this many staff members have time to just stand around and have their picture taken.
No, really that is a good embouchure after playing "To the Max" 27 times on the parade
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What a great backdrop for Col. Bankhead and our vocalists, Yolanda Pelzer and Bruce Morrison.
"Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead" makes its first appearance at Omars.
Marianne Robison brings the necessary morning pick-up on the morning of the 4th.
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Yolanda Pelzer gives a stunning performance in every way!
Bruce Morrison gives a lively portrayal of the Phantom of the Opera.
The Dixieland Combo adds a nice change of pace during the 4th of July Concert.
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Jan Van der Roost conducts the ROYG band on July 4th playing his "Dublin Dances."
Molly Cramer gets an assist so she can be in the same frame as Frank Wickes and her husband, Ray Cramer.
2014 Graduating Class of American Band College of Sam Houston State University brings the total of graduates to almost 800.
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