Issue: October-December 2012
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Around the 24th American Band College • Ashland, Oregon
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Clarinet clinician, Scott Wright (Univ. of Kentucky), talks with the American Band College students during one of his lectures. Robert Ponto (University of Oregon) offers some conducting pointers to ABC candidate, Bryan Willer (Ames, Iowa). Percussion clinician, Lalo Davila (Middle Tennessee State University), works with the American Band College students during a latin percussion clinic.
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Guest conductor, Anthony Maiello (George Mason University), shows his enthusiasm during an ABC rehearsal.
Guest saxophone soloist, Eugene Rousseau takes some time out to sign a poster for ABC candidate, Corderyl Martin (Columbia, TN). Guest Conductor, Robert Ponto (Univ. of Oregon) tries to keep the ABC Directors' band soft for Eugene Rousseau.
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Hammin' it up before the ABC Concert at the Craterian Theater in Medford, Oregon. (l to r) McKee, Maiello, Rousseau, Ponto, Bankhead, and Max McKee.
Guest conductor Tony Maiello (George Mason Univ.) conducts the ABC Directors' Band at the Craterian Theater on June 25, 2012.
Honored guest, Johnny Long, conducts The Stars and Stripes Forever with the ABC Directors' Band.
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Guest conductors, Tony Maiello and Mike Bankhead congratulate Johnny Long on his long service to the band field.
Guest Conductor, Col. Lowell Graham (Univ. of El Paso Texas) salutes the vets in the crowd at the ABC 4th of July Concert.
ABC staff member, Marianne Robison, has a unique way of "passing" out the ABC hats before the parade.
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ABC Choir Director, Stacy Swartout-McKee, prepares the ABC "choir" for the "Story of the Battlehymn."
ABC students enjoy a break from the Ashland 4th of July Parade.
Family members join ABC candidates during the exciting 4th of July Parade in Ashland, Oregon.
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Flute Soloist, Marianne Gedigian (Univ. of Texas), performs with the ABC Directors' Band on the 4th of July Concert in Ashland, Oregon.
ABC Managing Director, Scott McKee, conducts The Stars and Stripes Forever during the fireworks show.
24th Graduating Class of the American Band College of Sam Houston State University brings the total of graduates to almost 700 strong.
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