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ABC 2002-2012 Conductors

Starting in 2002, the American Band College program had grown to the point where a single directors' band was too large for the indoor concert at the Ginger Rogers Craterian Theater in Medford, Oregon.

From 2002 through 2012, the following conductors appeared either first or second week of ABC's June 21-July 4 annual run:

Hultgren Barnes Melillo Akiyama Gabriel Lautz Dinkins deMeij Akhmetov
Hultgren Barnes       Melillo     Akiyama       Gabriel  Lautzenheiser Dinkins de Meij Akhmetov
McBeth Langlet Pich Ponto Bankhead VanderRoost Bourgeois Bloomquist Haskill
McBeth Langlet Pichaureau Ponto Bankhead Van der Roost Bourgeois Bloomquist Haskill
Kuijpers Graham Hutton Smith Turner Wickes Cramer Holsinger
Ticheli Kuijpers Graham Hutton Smith Turner Wickes Cramer Holsinger


Maiello Boonshaft Hudson Paroby   Wright Gl Wright Al Long
Crider Maiello Boonshaft Hudson Paroby Al Gladys Gladys Wright John M. Long


Concert Lineups: From 2002 through 2012. We continued the concept of the main conductors appearing only once every three years. Tim Lautzenheiser continued as a mainstay of our program, presenting a one-hour leadership session before graduation on July 3 and then serving as master of ceremonies and conductor of Americana on the 4th of July concert through 2010.

American Band College Summer 2002-2012: Conductors*                                        Soloists and Conductors
2002 John Bourgeois Ken Bloomquist Ralph Hultgren Steve Melillo Pat Sheridan
Stu Turner
Lalo Davila
Tim Lautzenheiser
2003 Francis McBeth Johan de Meij Philippe Langlet Claude Pichaureau

Gary Foster
Turner/Cyn. Hutton

Allen Vizzutti
Stu Turner/Cyn. Hutton

2004 Pierre Kuijpers Toshio Akiyama Jim Barnes Robert W. Smith Capitol Quartet
Mike Bankhead
Sheridan & Pilafian
Tim Lautzenheiser
2005 Ralph Hultgren Roxanne Haskill Jan Van der Roost John Bourgeois Jim Walker
Cynthia Hutton
Boston Brass
Tim Lautzenheiser
2006 Kanat Akhmetov Johan de Meij Frank Ticheli Lowell Graham

Yeh Shu-Han
Hutton / Hudson

Robert Spring
Hutton / Hudson
2007 Frank Wickes Philippe Langlet Ray Cramer David Holsinger Harry Watters
Mike Bankhead
Capitol Quartet
Tim Lautzenheiser
2008 Ralph Hultgren Bruce Dinkins Robert W. Smith Robert Ponto Allen Vizzutti
Mike Bankhead
Patrick Sheridan
Cynthia Hutton
2009 Tony Maiello Lowell Graham Jan Van der Roost Tim Lautzenheiser U.S. Army Heralds
David Paroby
Jim Walker
Mike Bankhead
2010 Frank Wickes Johan de Meij Paula Crider Tim Lautzenheiser Scott Plugge
Bruce Dinkins
Harry Watters
Mike Bankhead
2011 Peter Boonshaft Frank Ticheli Arnald Gabriel Robert W. Smith Robert Spring
Mike Bankhead
Boston Brass
Robert Ponto
2012 Tony Maiello Mike Bankhead Ralph Hultgren Lowell Graham

Eugene Rousseau
Robert Ponto

Marianne Gedigian
Peter Boonshaft

  * Tim Lautzenheiser served as Master of Cermonies for every ABC 4th of July from 1989 through 2010
  † Subsituted for Bruce Dinkins who died at ABC earlier in the week.
     Honored Guest Conductors: 2011 Al & Gladys Wright     2012 John M. Long

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