Issue: October-December 2012
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The Tool Maker (Part 4)

Part 1–Tool Maker History • Bandworld Mag
Part 2–Quickly the Drum Assigner

Part 3–Ultimate Pursuit

The Partial Worker was originally written in the early 1990s for Hypercard on the Macintosh for use by the American Band College undergraduate program at Southern Oregon University. Recently Randy McKee rewrote it under the Ultimate Pursuit collection and improved many of its functions. While additional capabilities for learning Bb and F horn fingerings and alternates as well as triggers and 4th valves on trombone, euphonium and tuba have yet to appear, these will be added in 2013.

The purpose of this tool is to provide a powerful way to instantly view any overtone series on a grand staff to assist in discovery of its relationship to fingerings and pitch problems for all brass instruments. Various settings make it possible to use the device as a means of mastering intervallic concepts to aid in instant recall of preferred and alternate fingerings as they related to the 7 overtone series utilized by each of the brass.

Go: Partial Worker                Demo: Build Series            Visit: ABCs of the Overtone Series


Using The Partial Worker daily to master overtone series to master all standard brass fingerings and alternates, a total command of trumpet, horn, trombone, baritone and tuba is easy. The instructional YouTube presentations from the ABCs of the Overtone Series digs into all concepts surrounding The Partial Worker.


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