Issue: April-June 2012
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Around the 78th Annual ABA Convention • Indianapolis, Indiana
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(left) President-Elect, Thomas Leslie, addresses the members of the American Bandmasters Association. (left to right) Al Wright, Johnny Long, and composer, Ralph Ford, visit during the ABA Convention. Composer, Yo Goto, thanks the ABA Board for honoring him with the 2011 Ostwald award for his work, Songs for Wind Ensemble.
Ponto09 GraMaiSM VanderR09
ABA past President, Paula Crider, and current ABA President, Scott Taylor, show their spirit for their home state of Texas.
Past ABA President, Johnny Long and his wife Mary Lynn, celebrate his Honorary ABA Life President award. ABA Secretary-Treasurer, Bill Moody, enjoys a break from the festivities.
GraMaiSM VanderR09 VanderR09
ABA Host and Associate Member, Dan Bowlin, addresses the ABA membership with last minute details.
Past ABA President, Ray Cramer, and his wife, Molly, enjoy the pre-banquet party.
(far right) ABA Associate Member, Bob Grace is awarded Honorary Associate Member at the 2012 convention.
Flags09 Flags09 RoussWyt
Past ABA President, Thomas Fraschillo, and his wife, Cecilia, take time to pose for a quick picture during the convention.
Past ABA President, Al Wright, and his wife, Gladys, visit with members before the banquet.
New ABA Member, Jay Bocook, and his wife are introduced to the ABA members at the 78th ABA Convention.
RoussWyt RoussWyt


(left) Past ABA President, Jeff Bianchi, introduces new ABA Member, Stan Schoonover.
ABA Member, John Casagrande and his wife Jo relax after a wonderful concert during the convention.
New ABA Associate Member, Alan Fox, thanks the members for his induction into the ABA Associates.
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