Issue: April-June 2012
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The Tool Maker (part 3) concluded

Another powerful, new Ultimate Pursuit area for candidates is the Rehearsal Tech Tool. This question-based tool presents questions with 2 to 4 instruments playing a chord. The instruments are real sounds (Garritan Library). Questions are devised to present commonly out of tune notes associated with each of the instruments of the woodwind and brass families.

Below you can see the result of a RTT question featuring a brass quartet playing C Major chord. When first presented, there are 3 choices that can be made regarding audio playback:

   1. Click here to listen to the original chord.
   2. Click to listen to the in-tune sound file.
   3. Click to preview your changes (before submitting your answer)

If some of the pull-down menus to the right of each note have been changed by the person taking the test, the choices to make changes include:
   Very Sharp
   Moderately Sharp
   Moderately Flat
   Very Flat

These changes are normally made based on listening (#1 above) or based on knowledge of typical pitch tendencies of the notes shown and the instrument performing.

4 brass

In this instance the person being tested indicated that
   The F# trumpet note was OK
   The D trumpet note was OK
   The G trombone note was OK
   The C tuba note was Moderately Flat.

When viewing the results after testing, the candidate can see that Ultimate Pursuit placed a yellow check mark where the chosen answer was correct or a red X where the choice was incorrect.

The candidate may listen, change, playback or restart the questions as many times as desired prior to submitting the answer.

Ultimate Pursuit contains literally dozens of integrated tools to assist with learning important band literature, diagnosing problems from provided audio files and many other devices. Currently, those who enroll in the American Band College master's program are given lifetime access to Ultimate Pursuit. We expect to market an UP tool set by 2013.

Next time: The Partial Worker


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