Issue: April-June 2012
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The Tool Maker (part 3) continued

If a candidate chooses to do testing on saxophone fingerings, for example, the Ultimate Pursuit screen will look like this:

Sax Fing
Note that any key that could be an active finger key on the saxophone is highlighted in red. If the person taking the test hovers over a key, a key name is shown. If it is key that is needed to play the indicated note, then a click will highlight that key. When the candidate feels that the selected keys constitute a correct fingering for A, the NEXT arrow is clicked to go on to the next question. (If the test has multiple categories, the CATEGORY NAVIGATION box at the upper right is useful to determine how many questions are yet to be answered or to go directly to a different questions category by clicking on the name.)

After the exam has been graded, the candidate can visit the exam questions with complete feedback regarding errors. In most cases feedback also indicates specific courses of action and/or available materials to master that subject area.

The graphic below shows what the screen looks like after the candidate chooses the fingering. Feedback includes needed corrections by appropriately marking the keys.

Sax Fing Corr       continued


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