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The Tool Maker (part 3)
Part 1–Tool Maker History • Bandworld Mag

Part 2–Quickly the Drum Assigner

 Part 4–The Partial Worker

Ultimate Pursuit, The Teaching/Testing Tool

Our most powerful teaching/testing tool is Ultimate Pursuit. It includes 45 areas (fingerings, pitch problems, band literature, embouchure, etc. as well as a complete music theory module. Randy McKee developed this amazing environment for use by our master's degree candidates. With thousands of questions in the system and each of those with complete feedback embedded, the American Band College can utilize its power in many ways. Its uses include:
  1. Entrance exam testing (band knowledge exam and music theory exam) via our wireless system at AHS.
  2. Instant UP results feedback regarding candidate study areas for the 3 summers.
  3. Study access from anywhere in the world to create individual tests in one or more areas at any time.
  4. Final exam testing with each of our 200-plus master's candidates taking individual tests wirelessly simultaneously.
  5. Retake exam capability anywhere in the world using an administrative proctor at the candidate's school.
  6. ABC faculty monitoring of candidate self-test progress throughout the year in weak areas that need more attention.
  7. Game playing by the entire school during ABC for fun and prizes.

Ultimate Pursuit contains a sophisticated auto-grade system for all questions that are designated true/false, multiple choice, etc. It also contains essay style question capability allowing ABC faculty anywhere in the world to assist with exam grading.Below is an UP screen called QUICK TEST GENERATOR. Candidates in our ABC program can choose as few or as many areas for testing as desired. Tests may be done with groups of candidates (popular in the summer here in Ashland) or individually at any time from anywhere in the world. Candidates can then retrieve the corrected exams and use the embedded feedback to help learn the subject matter.

For purposes of demonstration, we chose two questions from the 45 areas of testing to demonstrate how Ultimate Pursuit works and what the interface looks like.                                                               continued


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