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The Tool Maker (part 2)

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Quickly, The Drum Assigner

This powerful tool is free and may be downloaded through our web site:  Download Quickly

The power of this system lies in the use of a database that Quickly! keeps in place. If you decide to purchase our add-on database of 1500 analyzed band compositions, a single click can (as it did above) place the Title (America the Beautiful) with composer & arranger and a complete list of all the percussion used WITH A SINGLE MOUSE CLICK.

The above was put on the chart using what we call AUTO PLACE. Using this method, creation of the chart is nearly instantaneous. If you want to be sure that the Station 1 player always gets Timpani (TI) parts, you can choose the instruments from a pop-up list and place them in any way you wish. You can also double or triple assign snare drum, for example.

When you are ready to print, you get a full-size version of a chart like the one shown above. Many other useful features are built in. Free, very powerful.

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A Special Tutorial

Tutorial Text

The Drum Assigner
NEW! Version 2.5 • 1/18/08


Click each file drawer (beginning with the bottom drawer)

Understand each
function of

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