Issue: Apr-Jun 2005
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Warm-Ups for Band
Full Band Set from Warm-Ups That Work in PDF Format

Text by M. Max McKee
Warm-up by Scott McKee

Over the years it became increasingly obvious to me that bandsmen, especially the young and inexperienced, need a daily regimen that will help them find the pitch center, develop technique, and produce a more consistent tone, rhythmic foundation, etc. To accomplish this, each year (beginning in the 1970’s) I added important technical exercises and short chorales to a booklet called “Tone and Tech.” Early on I wrote a chorale to imitate certain aspects of the beautiful #19 in Treasury of Scales (the all-time favorite of my father-in-law and ABA member, Randall Spicer). By setting the chorale in all 12 keys, it provided my band a way to continuously compare beautiful sounds in flat key versions to develop consistency in all of the other keys. Later, my son, Scott, expanded my technical exercises and went to all 12 keys with that material. All of this plus the addition of dozens of original chorales by composers worldwide later became Warm-Ups That Work

Scott’s materials are also designed to help the percussion section work on rudiments while the rest of the band is learning major scales, thirds, etc.
Line #1 through line #5 has the pitched instruments working on major scale and thirds. (See example at right.)
In lines 6A through 6E all instruments have the same rhythms. This section is used to help students become more familiar with certain rhythm patterns.

Another aspect of this system is the inclusion of pitch tendency reminders whenever the final (sustained) note tends to be quite sharp or flat. This provides an automatic reminder each time the player sees that pitch while working on scales.
Line 7 of each page is a unison/duet/ chord exercise suitable for playing and/or singing using solfege.

As we used these materials with young and inexperienced musicians each and every day, we soon saw dramatic improvement in many areas. If you would like to try the Chorale on a Scale (in C, D and Eb) see those Chorales in Vol. 20 #3 and then click on the Read/Print PDF.

The PDF contains all parts for full band.
Simply choose and print the parts you need.