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A special award of

The John Philip Sousa


The Bandworld Legion of Honor was established in 1989 to honor, over the course of a year, eight of the finest band directors in our business.

Recipients have taught for at least fifteen years, have maintained a very high quality concert band program, and have contributed significantly to the profession through dedication to bands and band music.

Each is honored at the annual Sousa Foundation awards ceremony during the Midwest Band Clinic in Chicago, Illinois.

Chairman of the Legion of Honor Committee is Terry Austin,Virginia Commonwealth University.

Legion Laureates List Link

Linda Thompson

For nearly 20 years Linda Thomspon has been the instrumental instructor at Monte Vista HIgh School in Spring Valley, California. She has diversified her educational experiences with a BA in Music from Westmont College and a MA in Counseling from Pt. Loma Univ.

It seems pertinent that she has recieved awards for outstanding service to the school (not just the band). She received these awards from PTA's, Music Parents' Clubs and Principals of her school.

Thompson is an active member of Women Band DIrectors Inter- national of which she is currently President - Elect and for which she chaired the Women of the Podium Project.

Her philosophy says,"My philosophy of education is to prepare lessons that inspire students and take them to a higher level of knowledge. The goal of an education in the arts should be to shape students into lifelong learners and to show them how music can give them other opportunities after high school. I have a passion for music and with every lesson I try to be creative in my presentation of information. I find, through the arts, the students find motivation, self-discipline, creativity, respect for each other, responsibility, leadership skills, listening skills and social skills."

Thompson believes that her mentors, being able to watch more experienced band directors and tthe WBDI have been most influential to her in her career. "That has helped me contribute what I have learned over the years to music beyond the classroom."

David Morrison

David Morrison is currently the Director of Bands at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In the past he has also been adjunct faculty for Northern Illinois Univ. and DePaul Univ. He was also the interim director of the Illinois Wesleyan Wind Ensemble. He is a home-grown director with both a BS and a MS in Music Education from the Univ. of Illinois.

He was named the Illinois Teacher of the Year in 2003 and received the John Paynter Lifetime Achievement Award. His bands at Prospect High School were invited to the Univ. of Illinois Superstate Concert Band Festival every year from 2000 - 2006.

Morrison tells us, "From an early age, I have been blessed with outstanding mentors to help guide my musical education...I have truly learned from the best! The exper- ience of playing at the MidWest clinic when I was a freshman in high school has indelibly branded me as a band director; ..My fervent hope is give others that which was given to me."

He states his philosophy this way,"When I seek the best in myself and in those around me, I am rarely disappointed. My classroom is characterized by an atmosphere of gentle pressure toward perfection. I am always happy with progress, but rarely satisfied with the status quo, and, in my bands, no one is excluded from the possibility of greatness. I expect that my students will work very hard, as hard as I do, on achieving technical and musical mastery. In my opinion, there is no other activity that affirms the human soul does the making of beautiful music."


  Terry Austin Bio
Legion of Honor Chairman


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