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The Tool Maker (part 1) continued

Bandworld Magazine

For the first 94 issues, Bandworld Magazine was in print form like all other magazines (1985-2004). Since our conversion to 100% digital presentation in the Fall of 2004, we are still amazed at what today’s online resource for Bandworld Online has become. Our idea was to create an ever-growing repository of articles useful to band directors. Knowing that we needed a automated page navigation system, Randy came up with the perfect method to allow readers to easily step through the nearly 100 pages per issue. His behind-the-scenes magazine management tools are perfect.

Note that the most recent issue of Bandworld Online has some clues on ways you as a busy band director to get to what you need in a hurry. The PREVIOUS ISSUES miniature icons are linked to each of the 29 issues home pages. If you click on the small photo of the Oct. 2004 issue, you will be taken directly to our first online issue. Likewise if you click on one of the photo buttons under NOVOS RADIO/TV, your can visit each of those unique photo, audio, video programs about famous people in our business. The sidebar scrolls let you see all options.

Subscribers: If you click on any of the red, green or black rectangular buttons to the left and right side of the cover photo, you can go directly to the related article, sound file or full band set. Even better: Click on the ISSUE PAGE SELECTOR at the bottom right. This provides you with a complete Table of Contents for the issue you choose. On that page, you’ll have simple ways to connect with the article or item of your choice.

Note that on the Page Selector (at left), you can see everything that is in the current issue. There you can click on any title. These are linked to an item you choose and takes you directly to the web page where it is stored. Alternatively you can click on a black icon (right side); these link to the same related item. If you click on the photo at the top right of the screen, you will be transported back the issue home page that relates.

Note the other handy link tools at the bottom of this Table of Contents (Page Selector). These can help you get directly to the Bandworld Magazine Archive, a full-scale BW Issue Selector with all 29 mag icons as well as quick ways to get to our Top 100 band pieces for the last ten years . At that location you can listen to nearly 1000 band pieces dating back to our 2002 selection process.

NAVIGATION: Randy’s magazine navigation buttons at both the top and bottom of each magazine screen are a true marvel for us as creators of each Bandworld issue. Those buttons manage forward and previous page movement, correctly-related Page Selectors when you click on the Select Page button, or click to View as PDF, move from Issue to Issue and return to the related Issue Home. The really powerful part of these tools is that you when you go from Issue to Issue (backward or forward), you are always taken to the page that is relative to what you are viewing (T of C or Issue Home), etc.

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