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Kaleid The Nine P's of Success

by Stan Michalski Bio
Vol.17 , #1, p.10 (August - September 2001)

Success Can Be Attained in Many Ways:
A. Hard Work
B. Study
C. Execution
D. Dedication

Experience dictates that there must be a combination of many personal traits to guarantee success. Many young people can attain success by using several or just a few of these. It will depend on the person. But overall, one must utilize most or all of the important P’s to insure a successful career as a student, a drum major, or whatever vocation one chooses as a goal in life.

#1 - Purpose
There must be a purpose for one’s actions. What are your goal’s for a particular rehearsal? What are your own goals?
Do you have the band in mind when getting ready for a rehearsal?
Determination - Confidence - Firmness - Resolution

#2 - Practice
This is the essence of success. How often do you practice in front of a mirror? How often do you listen to the music you will be conducting? Are you willing to give the time and energy necessary to become knowledgeable about the demands of a leader? Are you “perceptive” about the responsibilities associated with being a leader? You must be responsive, keen, sensitive and wise in all actions.

#3 - Patience
This is an attribute many young people lack due to today’s societal mentality of instant success. Everyone needs time to mature as a leader. Don’t fret over some inconsistencies at first. Work with various sections and individuals to get them to cooperate. Above all, don’t get frustrated and show it. You will lose the confidence of your band members.
Realistic – Practical – Functional – Workable – Pragmatic

#4 - Persistence
This is necessary to attain goals. If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Keep conducting the way you were taught and believe in your style. Band members will eventually follow.
Determined – Tenacious – Relentless – Endurance – Insistence

#5 - Perseverance
Very close to Persistence. Persevere under all circumstances. When there is some negative comments about your leadership and you know you are right in your demands, persevere and you will eventually end up as the “winner” and leader of the group. Persevere in your desire to be recognized as a leader. Persevere to maintain qualities of a leader.
Carry On – Keep Driving – Stick It Out – Press On



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