Issue: October-December 2009
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Around the 21st Annual American Band College • SOU • Ashland, Oregon
Graham09 CullKlein09 Maiello09
Lowell Graham, USAF Commander (ret.), conducting at the Ginger Rogers Theater concert on June 26, 2009 Mary Cullinan, President of SOU, and James Klein, Provost of SOU, present the ABC Icon Flag at the July 4th Concert. Tony Maiello, George Mason University, conducting at the Ginger Rogers Theater concert on June 26, 2009
Ponto09 VanderR09 GraMaiSM

Bob Ponto, University of Oregon, adds audio feedback to the video track as a 2nd year candidate conducts during ABC.

Guest conductor, Jan Van der Roost, from Belgium, works hard to get every thing just right before the final July 4th concert. Lowell Graham, Anthony Maiello and Scott McKee share a lighter moment during
the dress rehearsal.
BankhWrightT MaiGrahMcKM LautzWalk09
Col. Mike Bankhead and Tracy Wright confer on the narration for "The Story of the Battle Hymn."
Lowell Graham and Anthony Maiello with Founder and Executive Director, Max McKee are ready for the concert.
Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser and Jim Walker confer before the rehearsal of Mike Garson's
"Fanfare for a New Beginning."
Walker09 Flags09 ABCgrads09
Flute soloist, Jim Walker, during rehearsal of "American Flute Salute" at the Ashland Stadium on July 4, 2009.

Guest artists and candidates from five foreign countries plus 40 state flags were part of ABC's "Presentation of the Flags."

The 52 members of the ABC graduating class
of 2009 during the July 3rd certification ceremony at Southern Oregon Univ.

RoussWyt Walker


CLICK PHOTOS for 3 different videos.

Above: ABC multi-media. Above right: Special 2009 ABC moments. Right: Jim Walker videos


The U S Army Herald Trumpets, the featured ensemble, with the 200-member ABC Bands at the June 26 Concert.

Saxophone clinicians, Eugene Rousseau and Anna Marie Wytko, relax during one of the ABC faculty dinners.

Videos from ABC 2009 feature Lowell Graham & Tony Maiello plus Dr. Tim as well as multimedia segments from July 4 and numerous excerpts of Jim Walker.

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