Issue: Apr - June 2007
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Clarinet Gymnastics
Created by Ray Chapa Bio

Long considered one of the greatest teaching tools in the profession today, this masterful presentation of clarinet teaching and diagnostics has been remastered from the original VHS format to DVD with an all-new accompanying book.


ChapaStillView Cartoon Clip Only

View Session 1 Excerpt

The Embouchure Barometer

From Ray's Clarinet Gymnastics Book & DVD

From the Editor of Bandworld Online

The excerpts shown by this coverage are a fraction of the materials introduced in Session 1 and a small portion of Ray's clever cartoon about the problems of young clarinet players.

Other portions of the DVD include development of Session 1 techniques for the director as well as special sessions for the students and ready-to-print PDFs of Ray's teaching tools.

Contact Ray Chapa directly to purchase the book and DVD: 12331 N. Gessner Rd Apt. #334, Houston, TX 77064

Phone: (281) 807-6666


Bandworld Editor, M. Max McKee (Bachelor of Music and Master of Arts in Clarinet Performance plus 40 years as a clarinet teacher. Emeritus Professor of Music and Director of Bands, Southern Oregon University. Currently Executive Director of The American Band College master's degree program.)

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