Issue: Apr - June 2007
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ABA07 Head

Around the 73rd Annual ABA Convention • San Luis Obispo, California

ABA President, Tom Fraschillo, greets the ABA members in San Luis Obispo.
ABA President, Tom Fraschillo (left), applauds the incoming ABA President, Jeff Bianchi
United States Army Brass Quintet entertains the ABA members during the banquet dinner.

ABA Host, Bill Johnson, at the 73rd Annual ABA Convention.
ABA 2007 Video Excerpts
Video length: 8 minutes
New Member - Scott Carter
New Member - Lt. Col. Michael Colburn
New Member - Richard Crain (center) with his wife Gayle.
New Member - Patrick Dunnigan (left)
New Member - Lt. Col. Steve Grimo (right) is congratulated by James Keene.
New Associate Member - Py Kolb
New Member - Alan LaFave with his wife Keri.
New Member - Richard Mayne (right) with his wife Cindy and ABA members Richard Strange and Robert Fleming.
New Member - Joseph Missal (left) with his wife Denise.
New Member - Bob Parsons with his wife Nell.
New Member - Glenn Price
New Member - Greg Snyder with his wife Sandra.
New Member - Randy Storie
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