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An ABC Masters Graduate Special Presentation
Get Set!
A Media Presentation for the Beginning Drum Set Player
(Click here for part 2)
by Andrew A. Jones

Instrument and Player Position

As you probably have been told before, instrument position and player posture are the easiest factors of instrument technique to execute correctly. Unfortunately, they are also the most often ignored factors of instrumental technique.

The drum set is a highly adjustable group of instruments. It is easy to customize the position of the different drums and cymbals in order to make the drum set fit you. Here are some general guidelines to follow when positioning the drum set for playing:

  • Adjust the throne (seat) to a height that allows you to move your ankles in a natural manner. This will allow you to easily operate the pedals of the bass drum and the hi-hat.
  • Position the snare drum and all of the toms (including the floor tom) so that they may all be reached using smooth, efficient motion. Keep the batter heads of the drums on as close to the same vertical level as possible.
  • Keep all of the instruments as close together as is practical. Remember that cymbals need room to move after being struck without hitting other instruments.
  • Make sure that you can reach all of the instruments comfortably from the seated position.

Remember that the goal of playing a musical instrument is to sound good- not to look good. The best position for playing the instrument is not necessarily the one that looks the “coolest,” but hey- you’re playing drum set- you’re already cool!

Excerpt from "Get Set!" DVD with instrument and player position:


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