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by Ira Novoselsky & Max McKee (NOVOS-8)

The audio program is a collection of compositions and arrangements by Alfred Reed.

The second program honors Al and Margie Reed's 30-plus years' association with Western International Band Clinic, the American Band College, Bandworld and the McKee family.

The 14-minute video includes references to many fun times shared and practical jokes, brought back to life some 30 years later.

Photos are from the composer's personal collection and are from top left to right:

Al in 1947, Al about 2000, Al at the piano age 18.

Al in uniform in 1944, at his work table in 1976.

Alfred with his father at age 6, composing the Armenian Dances in Canada in 1972, Max McKee, Al & Margie Reed & Nell McKee at WIBC '03.

This eighth NOVOS Radio/TV Program features another of our favorite people in the band business. Al Reed's output for band as well as every other performance medium is renowned. The fun, personal side of him and his wife Margie is known only to a few of his closest friends, who appreciated their willingness to help people in any way possible.

Alfred appeared frequently at WIBC and ABC events dating back to the mid-1980s. He composed "Song of the High Cascades" for the 1984 WIBC commission work project, and served as a guest conductor of the WIBC Honor Bands in 1999. He was a special, honored guest at the 25th annual Western International Band Clinic celebration in 2003 and conducted "High Cascades" with the Iwakuni, Japan Band. In 1975 & 1978 he conducted 2nd performances of Armenian Dances, Part 1 (National CBDNA) and then Part 2( NW CBDNA) with the Southern Oregon University Band. He also served as a guest conductor with the American Band College Directors' Band in 2001.

Alfred Reed
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The Video Interview & Performance Program features:

1. Midwest Clinic Interview in December 2001 (Canto e Camdombe)
2. Canto e Camdome Performance excerpts (ABC in June 2001)
3. The Reeds & McKees at the Saskatchewan Summer School (Slides)
4. Alfred's new set of words to Tiptoe through the Tulips for Spike's Pizza!
5. Al conducts his Perpetuum Mobile arrangement at ABC 2001.

Total length of audio: 14 minutes

The Concert Band Program features:

1. Canto e Camdombe *
2. Perpetuum Mobile *
3. The Musicmakers

4. Giligia*
5. Gallop (from The First Suite) *
    *Live ABC 2001

Total length of audio: 26 minutes


The idea for this series is based on Ira Novoselsky's ongoing activity creating interesting, complete programs for traditional radio. When Bandworld Magazine went exclusively online in 2004, it became obvious that the Internet provides a way to get to a much broader audience. NOVOS was chosen in honor of Ira, who has contributed in many ways to the development of Bandworld Magazine and the American Band College Center for Research.

Click on the graphic of the red or the green box (above right). Once the small inset box launches you can surf the web or handle other computer tasks while the program continues to play. (Click below if you are missing the Quicktime Player.)

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At left: Alfred signing autographs at ABC 2001
and WIBC 2003

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