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by Ira Novoselsky & Max McKee (NOVOS-7)

The audio programs are a collection of compositions and arrangements by Warren Barker as well as a series of short excerpts from interviews Warren did on Armed Forces Radio about his music and his career.

The second program begins with his commission work based on the oldest of Irish tunes, Deir*In De. When Max McKee returned from Ireland in 1988 and sent Warren a tape to inquire about doing the commission, Warren called in less then 72 hours to say how much he also liked the tune, and that he was finished! He refused payment for the work and also conducted the premiere at WIBC in 1989.

Warren Barker


This seventh NOVOS Radio/TV Program features one of our favorite people in the band business. Warren Barker was one of Hollywood's most oft called arrangers and orchestrators. He did arrangement for dozens of the most famous singers and big bands from the late '40s on into the '90s. During his prime he created and/or orchestrated music for feature films and over 30 television shows.

Once he began arranging for concert band, his output was continuous, exciting and some of the best "audience" music ever created.

He frequently wrote for Don Caneva's Coastal Communities Band and appeared often as a guest conductor/composer at the American Band College and Western International Band Clinic.

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The Music & Radio Interview Program features:

1. Love of Three Oranges (excerpt Les Brown)
2. Everything's Coming Up Roses (excerpt HI-Lo's)
3. Mystery Tune (Big Band original)

All segments taken from 4 hours of interview done in 1963 on the Armed Forces Radio/Televsion Network.

Total length of audio: 15 minutes

The Concert Band Program features:

1. Deir'In De
2. Marching Down Broadway
3. Tribute to Jerome Kern
4. Cole Porter Spectacular
5. The Symphonic Gershwin
6. Mancini Spectacular
7. New York: 1927
Themes Like Old Times*
9. In a Miller Mood*                (*Coastal Communities Concert Band recordings)

Total length of audio: 61 minutes


The idea for this series is based on Ira Novoselsky's ongoing activity creating interesting, complete programs for traditional radio. When Bandworld Magazine went exclusively online in 2004, it became obvious that the Internet provides a way to get to a much broader audience. NOVOS was chosen in honor of Ira, who has contributed in many ways to the development of Bandworld Magazine and the American Band College Center for Research.

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At the left: Warren Barker
with Fred Fennell during
the 1999 American Band
College. Both served
as guest conductors.

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